Driveway Cleaning

Many home owners spend many thousands of pounds on new driveways. 1st impressions count and having your driveway looking in good condition adds kerb appeal to your property.Living in the UK it’s fair to say we have our fair share of bad weather. As well as the elements you get car fluid, oil stains, algae, moss and weeds coming through. Over time our new looking driveway is looking a little sorry for itself.

Driveway Cleaning.

With Block Paving cleaning we pressure wash to remove the joint sand, moss and dirt. After we come back and re-sand and seal we Seal the best sealant products on the market to protect your driveway from the elements leaving it looking like new.Sealants can be expensive, and like the saying goes “you get what you pay for” At Southwestproclean we believe If you go online you will find cheaper sealants but I can assure you, cutting costs in this area is false economy.

What is the value of sealing your drive after being pressure washed?

*Expand the life of your driveway
*maintain the surface appearance keeping it looking as good as new
*Prevents the build up of weeds, algae and moss
*Reduce dirt pick-up, staining from oil, grease and other substances.

Crazy Paving and York Stone Cleaning.

With Crazy Paving you have concrete joints, if the joints are in good condition all we do is clean the paving and seal if requested. If the joints are in bad condition you should speak to us about re-pointing. If you Seal the Crazy paving this helps bring out the colour of the paving and protect
against oil stains, and weather elements.

Imprinted Concrete Cleaning.

Cleaning we highly recommend having the Imprinted concrete sealed after being power wash cleaned. This brings the imprinted concrete looking as good as when laid.Sandstone / Natural Stone Cleaning Sandstone is is soft and porous – meaning it can absorb large amounts of water – which can result in staining. For this reason, after pressure washes the Sandstone. We recommend protecting with our natural Sandstone Sealer.(Totally odourless, quick drying and brings colour up with great effect)

Indian Sandstone Cleaning.
As with other types of Sandstone, Indian Sandstone is porous and will need sealing after to keep looking at its best. If not regular cleaned you can find black spots appear. These are hard to get out and the cost of removing is higher as more time and products are needed. We have the experience and knowledge to help. Yes

Brickwork Cleaning.

If you have a build up of moss, algae, lichen, Southwestproclean can help bring back to natural condition and we can also use a waterproof sealer on the brickwork work helping to keep free from deterioration and stopping Moisture soaking in.


Southwestproclean an also help if your decking is in good condition. Our pressure washing equipment is very powerful and will strip back to original state. After cleaning we can use a stain to help protect your decking area.